The Algotex logo, designed in 2000

Founded in 1983 thanks to a brilliant insight


For more than 30 years, Algotex plotters have been synonmyous with advanced technology, original design, and easy, intuitive use. Algotex’s range of innovative, affordable products are created with the customer’s satisfaction in mind. With their unbeatable quality and cutting-edge features, the Algotex brand represents the best plotters on the market.

Algotex is an industry leader in digital printing systems for the clothing and communication sectors.

It was founded in the 1980s thanks to the expertise of Raimondo Cattabriga who, based on more than 30 years’ experience in the fields of clothing production and applied software, decided together with his son Matteo to invest in an innovative project to create digital plotters for the fashion industry.

The idea was to embue Algotex plotters with raster printing technology instead of the vector technology that had been used up to that point, providing for a vast improvement over the previous pen method

MIRA Basic is part of the newly re-designed product line started in 2012

Algotex operates in a global market


In 2011 Algotex became part of Aretè & Cocchi Technology, an industrial technology group with eight companies in four countries; production in Europe, the U.S. and China; commercial and technical centers in seven countries; and sales in 89 countries.

Algotex is a local company that operates in a global market. It is located in Emilia-Romagna, a region of Italy known for precision engineering and mechanics, including production of sports cars and industrial automation. Algotex combines this local tradition of advanced technology with an unparalleld knowledge of the global clothing industry.


Design means much more than creating attractive products


Algotex employs a team of skilled engineers and designers who collaborate to produce plotters that are both beautiful and practical. The plotters’ design is grounded in user experience, with a focus on anticipating customer needs, while still taking style into consideration at every stage of development.


  • Algotex’s predecessor company is formed to provide CAD software solutions for the clothing industry

  • Algotex begins production on its first plotter, introducing to the market raster graphics and Dot Matrix technology in place of the traditional vector technology

  • Algotex develops the first raster plotter with low-resolution piezoelectric Ink Jet technology

  • Algotex introduces the first plotter with high-resolution piezoelectric inkjet technology; this marks the start of a new strategy to produce plotters for dealers and manufacturers using CAD solutions

  • Algotex introduces the first plotter incorporating Bubble Jet printing technology

  • Algotex becomes part of the Aretè & Cocchi Technology industrial holding group

  • Algotex begins updating its product lines and adapting them to new market needs

  • Algotex transfers to a new production site in Crespellano and embraces lean manufacturing

  • Algotex introduces the HP plotter VEGA P: the world’s first stand-alone plotter with an integrated touch-screen display for management, monitoring and real-time diagnostics.

Algotex’s ISO certifications are a guarantee of its quality standards

Quality means certified suppliers that guarantee respect for the environment


Algotex prioritizes quality, continuous improvement and respect for the environment. The company has been awarded ISO 9001:2008, which guarantees implementation of quality management systems in its production processes, and ISO 14001:2004, the top international certification for companies committed to reducing their environmental impact and supporting sustainable production. Algotex plotters also satisfy the requirements of the world-famous Made in Italy mark associated with quality, elegance, and high specialization and differentiation.

VEGA P display

Every Algotex system is created with the client's needs in mind


Algotex’s research and development section plays a fundamental role in the field of mechanics by bringing innovative technology to the clothing sector. The company invests heavily in R&D to maintain its position as a market leader in printing speed, precision and product usability. Algotex  plotters produce high-quality graphics with accurate dimensions. They are intuitive to load and easy to program, with reliable components that require little to no maintenance. And thanks to the company’s constant R&D efforts, they are getting better every day, serving as a reference point for the entire global plotter market.


Customer satisfaction is Algotex’s primary goal. The company offers product maintenance training courses for customers, and has established long-lasting, exclusive relationships with its international partners to provide fast and effective post-sales service, 24/7, anywhere in the world. Algotex dealers are more than re-sellers; they are partners who contribute to the company’s growth and the continuous improvement of its products and services. This means Algotex customers don’t just purchase a product; they gain an assistance system that is complete, reliable and global.