The new Digipen, developed by ALGOTEX, replaces the old Digitizer table with a comfortable, affordable digital pen.

The system offers perfect synergy between hardware and software for flawless digitization.


1) an Anoto “Digital Pen” complete with stand and USB cable;
2) set of specialized transparent plastic ALGOTEX paper in A0 format


1) pen management drivers;
2) application for processing pen-generated data.

The special Algotex paper is printed with a finely dotted grid that is imperceptible to the human eye but recognizable to a camera placed at the tip of the pen. The images to be digitized are placed under the transparent sheet and, thanks to Anoto’s proprietary algorithm, the software calculates the coordinates on the paper where the pen was used.

Each digitization session produces a file with the relevant coordinates and any associated codes.

Visit www.anoto.com for more information about the technology.

System requirements:

  • Windows Operating System (XP SP 3 or later)
  • USB port

ALGOTEX is available to provide any necessary data and assistance to develop a specific interface for each CAD system.


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